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Fires kill more people in the United States every year than all natural disasters combined.

80% of all fire deaths occur in the home. The single most effective way to prevent fire-related deaths is the installation of residential fire sprinklers. Combined with smoke alarms, they cut the risk of dying in a home fire by 82% compared to having neither.


Smoke Alarms:
A Sound You Can Live With

Smoke alarms can mean the difference between life and death in the event of a fire. Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) show that properly working smoke detectors can cut the chance of dying in a fire almost in half.


Can We Find You in Time?

Posting 911 Addresses
Fire, Police and Emergency Service Crews are on call to assist when you call 911. They rely on address information that automatically appears on their monitors. Even if you cannot respond on the phone, the 911 operator knows your address! Now, time is of the essence, emergency crews are responding to your call.

Will They Find You In Time?
Beech Mountain’s house numbering system is intended to provide automatic location for enhanced 911 services, and to provide a better system for the delivery of emergency services. Firefighters, law enforcement, and EMS, who respond to 911 calls, say visible house numbers can mean the difference between life and death.


Electrical Safety

Electrical equipment and appliances can cause fires by overheating and setting off sparks. Warning signs often precede electrical fires. Malfunctions with the electrical system or an appliance; burning odors coming from appliances; or excessive heat and sparks are signs of a fire.

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