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Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are portable devices containing water or chemicals that can be sprayed on fire to put it out or contain it until the fire department arrives. However, fire extinguishers have limitations. They cannot extinguish a large or spreading fire. They have short range (6-10 feet) and discharge completely in a very short time (8-10 seconds). They are recommended only if the operator has received training in its use. The operator must have the RIGHT type of extinguisher, know how to use it and be able to lift it. Fire extinguishers should be mounted on walls in plain sight and near exits. Since most home fires happen in the kitchen, installing one in or near the kitchen is strongly recommended. Children should never use extinguishers.

Before you fight the fire make sure:

  • You have a clear escape route that will not be blocked by fire
  • Everyone has left or is leaving the building
  • The fire department has been called
  • The extinguisher is the right type, within reach and fully charged
  • The fire is confined to a small area and is not spreading
  • You know how to use the extinguisher