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BMVFD Stations and Trucks

The Beech Mountain Volunteer Fire Department maintains two Fire stations and eight trucks.

Station One is located behind the Beech Towers Condominium Complex between the Ski Beech maintenance area and the Beech Towers Parking Lot. This original building, donated to the department in 1970 by the Carolina Caribbean Corporation, has been enlarged twice and currently is 40’x100’ and has 5 truck bays and a small training room.

Station 2 is located on St. Andrews Road about 200 yards east of its intersection with Pine Ridge Road. Station Two was constructed in 2004 at a cost of $426,000. Station Two has 4 truck bays in a 50'x80' footprint and a larger training room on the second story. The addition of this second station was an instrumental factor in the upgrade of the Town's fire rating received in the fall of 2005 (See Chief's message.)

We have two "first-out" fire engines for fighting structure fires, one for each station, which are designated Engine 201 and Engine 202.

We have two Water Tankers which also have pumping capability, one for each station, designated 301 and 302.

We maintain two Brush trucks for the purpose of fighting forest fires, one in each station, designated 401 and 402. These trucks are smaller with less water hauling capacity and with lighter weight hoses so as to be capable of being used in more remote areas where forest fire fighting often occurs.

We maintain one Medical Emergency Response vehicle, 501, in station one. We also have a crew vehicle, designated 502, which is used primarily for personnel transport when responding to mutual aid calls from nearby fire departments.