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Fire Prevention Cooking Safety

Cooking Safety

Cooking fires are the leading cause of home fires and the leading cause of burn injuries among older adults. Prevent fires and burns by being watchful and alert when you cook. The potential for a kitchen fire is reduced if an adult is in the kitchen at all times when cooking is taking place. Grease and other food residues left on stoves, as well as cooking food left unattended, can increase the chances of a fire.

Be Kitchen Wise

  • Wear tight fitting or short sleeves when cooking.
  • Use oven mitts to handle hot pans.
  • NEVER leave cooking unattended.
  • Don't cook if you are drowsy from alcohol or medication.
  • Keep young children out of the kitchen while cooking.
  • Older children helping out in the kitchen should never be left alone.
  • Use timers when cooking.
  • Take a reminder (kitchen spoon) with you if you must leave the kitchen with food cooking on the stove top.
  • Keep pot handles turned inward.

Stove Fire
If a fire starts in a pan on the stove:

  • Cover it with a lid to smother the fire.
  • Turn the burner off and let the pan cool.
  • Do not attempt to pick up the pan. Carrying the pan increases the chances of spreading the fire and getting burn injuries.
  • Do not throw water on the fire. Throwing water on a grease fire can splatter hot grease spreading the fire.

Oven Fire
If a fire starts in the oven:

  • Close the oven door and turn off the oven.
  • Fire can spread into the walls or pipe chase. As a precaution, call the fire department.